Double Your Money Guarantee

If you are unable to see how you can double your return on investment by completing one of our training programmes and by taking action, we will refund you your money.

This can be done within 24 hours of attending any course, with the General Manager of The Marketing Company.

Terms & Conditions

Pure Online Training Courses* and Profiling Services
*Includes the Intensive Marketing Accelerator Programme™, the Strategic Marketing Programme™, the Essential Marketing Boot Camp™ and Extended DISC profiling.
Payment: Payment is expected up front via credit card. Login details will only be sent upon payment.
Cancellations: if you cancel an online booking by email within 8 hours and you haven’t accessed any of the training online, we will refund your money. Otherwise you will be liable for the full course amount.

In-house Training (face-to-face and live online):
Payment: Payment is expected within 7 days of invoice. If not we reserve the right to charge $250 late payment fees.
Cancellations: Cancellations made after booking confirmation, any travel and accommodation costs associated with the booking and a fee of 25% of total fee will be charged. Cancellations made 21 days or less from booked date – 100% total fee will be charged.
Postponement: Any change of date after confirmation of booking, any travel and accommodation costs associated with the change of date will be charged. Any changes within 21 days from the booked date, any associated travel and accommodation costs and a fee of 50% of total fee will be charged

Public Courses (face-to-face and live online)
Payment: Payment is expected up front via credit card. We reserve the right to turn away any attendee if payment has not been made in advance.
Transfer Date: You can transfer to the same event on a different date provided it is 3 working days or more before the event. You must attend an event within 12 months of the initial event date or you forfeit the full fee. If you wish to transfer to the same event on a different date under three working days before the event, we reserve the right to charge 20% of the course fee.
Attendee Change: You can change the attendee to another person at any time provided they are from the same organisation, and we have been notified by email.
Event Cancellations: If an event does not reach minimum numbers or, for some other unavoidable reason is cancelled, the fee will be refunded in full.

eCommerce Standards
TMC Training Ltd trades as The Marketing Company.

We accept VISA and MasterCard for online payment. We do not store any credit card details. The Marketing Company uses SSL. All online payments are handled by a secure, PCI compliant, third party Payment Express. Full charges are displayed prior to payment.

For card holder correspondence, please email or call +64 800 427 627.

This is a New Zealand operated business located at 16a Louvain Avenue, Mt Roskill 1041, Auckland.

Conditions & Limitations of Attendance
Please Read – Important Legal Notice from The Marketing Company

Thank you for choosing The Marketing Company to provide your training. We appreciate and guarantee you that the decision you have made is going to have a great return on your investment.

The course or consultation The Marketing Company supplies will use highly developed ideas, instructional materials and delivery processes created by our expert trainers and honed through many courses. As you will understand, we value this intellectual property (IP) highly, and because some have chosen to use our IP to compete against us, we seek here to protect ourselves from these people.

Please note then, that all of The Marketing Company’s instructional and presentation materials, delivery processes and instruction are the IP of Longdown Holdings Ltd and are variously covered by copyright, trademark and/or patent law. This IP is shared with you as our client, on a limited basis and all rights are reserved. Your use of this IP is governed by New Zealand and international copyright, trademark, and patent laws which assert that no part or portion of what we deliver to you may be reproduced or transmitted beyond your own company in any form, by any means without prior written permission from The Marketing Company.

If you display or distribute some part of this IP in any form beyond your immediate business, in a manner that is NOT substantially different from that presented to you, you MUST explicitly credit The Marketing Company for the concept. Failure to do so is a direct violation of New Zealand and international copyright laws.

You are explicitly DENIED permission, under any circumstances, to use any of the IP, systems or processes provided in the presentation(s) you attend, for the purpose of teaching any of the techniques or concepts you are presented to any individual or group 0f individuals beyond the business within which you work.

In simple terms, you are NOT allowed to copy our information or processes to teach others outside your business. If you later offer a few ideas that are ‘substantially’ similar to the material we present to you, you can’t claim it as your own. You MUST give credit where credit is due and ideally, get our written permission beforehand. To return home and use any substantial portion of our IP to offer your own seminars to others is theft and will be treated as such. Quoting the source is not adequate protection as covered by copyright law.

Your registration for and attendance at any of our courses or presentations signifies your acceptance of, and constitutes your agreement to, the terms and obligations stated in this notice.

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